Bye Bye New Zealand!

I am leaving! I cannot believe it! Everything went so fast! I arrived a couple of hours ago in Christchurch thanks to a ride I got from a very nice French couple (here is their blog Le voyage de Galle et Mathieu if you want to hear their story). I arrived at my hostel – I chose one next to the airport since I am flying to Bali at 6:15 am in a day to find out that I was in a capsule hostel. So cool!!! Plus, I have very fast unlimited internet here so it is perfect to do some research on what to do once I am in Indonesia!

Ttravel New Zealand
Towards Haast Pass

Travelling New Zealand

How to summarize this New Zealand experience? It is always hard to reach the end of something! I feel it is important to write about it as later if you don’t write down anything, you won’t remember, and when people ask you suggestions, you are not able to give any!

Most beautiful things to see in New Zealand

  1. Abel Tasman National Park: this was my first stop on the South Island and it really blew my mind. The rocks of the mountains, the bays, the beaches…here everything is just unbelievably beautiful! You can enjoy the park by hiking, sailing, kayaking or just driving like I did from Motueka to Takaka (a funny hippy town in the North). Motueka is a good starting point to discover the national park anyway!

    Abel Tasman National Park
    Abel Tasman National Park
  2. West Coast: the West Coast of the South Island is famous for Fox Glacier and Franz JosephI have to say though that this is not the main reason why I think that the West Coast is interesting. I drove from the Abel Tasman National Park along the West Route until Haast and it was so peculiar! Lots of farms, teeny-tiny villages, old houses, rainforests, and the countryside, green all around. I almost drove alone for 500 km, if it was not for the touristic glaciers on the way. I loved it! Be aware: the West Coast is super wet! Expect rain and clouds along your way!New Zealand
  3. Queenstown: This town in the South of the South Island is possibly one of the most expensive places in New Zealand, true. However, it is so cute! Bars, cafes, ferries and hotels on the shore of a lake! Enjoy the sunsets here: they are amazing! Also, Queenstown is a great location in the winter, just close to some of the best Ski Resorts of New Zealand!

    Queenstown, New Zealand
  4. Lakes: and here I use the plural because all lakes are amazing in New Zealand! From the crystal blue Lake Takepo, to the picturesque Lake Wanaka (not to mention Lake Rotoura in the North Island). Just visit all of them if you have time! It would be hard to choose.

    Lake Tekapo New Zealand
    Lake Tekapo
  5. Milford Sound: I personally did not go, but only because I was too tired. I met lots of people who were there and showed me pictures. It is simply one of the most beautiful places on earth I suppose. You can either go with your own car from Queenstown (it will take quite a while, at least 4 hours) and do the hikes or a cruise from there, or you can book a day tour starting from Queenstown or Te Anau(prices range from a 100 to 250 ZN dollars). You can choose among tons of companies! I found a website that looks for the prices of all of them! Book me New Zealand!

Camping in New Zealand

Camping in New Zealand is super-easy! Check the Department of Conservation’s website! They have campsites all around the country, cheap and beautiful! You can also buy a Campsite Pass!

Check out for the free camping signs, as it is possible to camp for free in some part of New Zealand. Be careful though! Freedom camping overnight where there is a no camping sign will cost you a 200 dollars fine! Also, to be sure to be completely ok, you should also be an approved NZ Standard self-contained vehicle. Check on the official website for more info about Free Camping in New Zealand!

Campsites and dogs

Dogs are unfortunately not permitted at Conservation Campsites unless it is specified differently. Also, most of the tracks are also not permitted for dogs.

Hostels in New Zealand

In New Zealand it there are hostels and backpackers’ accommodations pretty much in all the major touristic locations! Check here for some discounts with!

Glamping Tent, Lakefront Lodge, Lake Tekapo
Glamping Tent, Lakefront Lodge, Lake Tekapo

Accessibility in New Zealand

There are plenty of tracks in New Zealand that are also wheelchair accessible! Isn’t it great? Also, there are also accessible toilets in many places!

Also, you can check for short walks around New Zealand, if like me you only have a mild disability but still want to travel and enjoy the amazing New Zealand landscapes!