Why did I not write?

Many years have passed since I opened this blog. And in these years, I travelled extensively alone around this globe. And sharing would have been nice, it would have. But I did not write. Who knows why. I was in my 20s back then, and now ten years later I am finally ready to share my journey!

I spent the past four years of my life back in Italy, after six years abroad. I did it because of a diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative autoimmune disease that could possibly compromise my independence quite a bit. That is why I stopped travelling. I got a stable job (low salary, this is Italy baby), a regular life, a routine. Until last June. After a long and hard process of decision to quit a job that was too demanding when compared to the financial conditions of my contract ..I was fired. Yes indeed. Many months fighting my interal battles (stability needs Vs physical wellness needs), I was fired! And I was so happy! Oh, dear I was. I bought a ticket for Istanbul, to go back to my second home, a ticket to India for August-Septembed to practice some yoga (oh yes I became a yoga teacher after my diagnosis), a ticket to Bangkok that was soon to become a ticket to Australia. And here I am. Sydney, December 2018. Freelance digital marketing specialist, Italian teacher and yoga instructor!

It is me, 10 years later!

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