New Zealand Road Trip: From Haast to Wanaka

What I have seen today looked like the scene of a movie (and as a matter of fact it was). There were some moments in which I had to remind myself that I needed to breath, as I got over-excited looking at the beauty around me!

Haast Pass – Wanaka

Yesterday It rained all night long, but today’s forecasts were really good! So again I woke up really early to enjoy the morning light, although I think that it was not the greatest idea ever, since it was quite cloudy at Haast Pass and on Lake Wanaka until late morning. I had read that the way from Haast Pass to Wanaka was one of the most stunning of New Zealand, but to me honest what came next was even more stunning to me!

I stopped at Hasst Pass and walked until the viewpoint that is sign-posted on the main street. As I said, unfortunately, it was still cloudy so I did not have the best view I could have had. The track in the forest was magical! It really felt like being in a fairy-tale!

Before reaching the Pass, there are several nice walks that you can do to have a look at the waterfalls around! The one I did was the Blue Pools, a nice track in the forest leading to some crystal clear blue pools with swinging bridges! Quite fun (but too many people!)


Blue Pools, Haast Pass, New Zealand
Blue Pools, Haast Pass, New Zealand

When I reached Wanaka Lake it was still cloudy, but I could see the amazing landscape around me changing: mountains of completely different colours: something between the yellowish and grayish!

And then, after one turn, I find myself in front of Hawea Lake, kissed by the sun right on the face.

From Wanaka to Queenstown

For some strange reasons, I really didn’t feel like staying in Wanaka. The lake was stunning, so where the mountains, but the place felt like built only for tourists! So I decided to reach Queenstown, where I will have to drop off my car tomorrow! And well, first of all, as I said, I was really not expecting to find such a beautiful road! It was around 4 pm and the sun was at its best at this point and everywhere around me was of this beautiful yellow color, with the reflection of the rays of the sun shining like waves. I was speechless, I almost felt guilty for how lucky I was!

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