Small Investments: trading and other things I don’t understand

Hi There!

Funny times we are at, ain’t it? I find myself at home studying Sanskrit and working with a window open on Chianti countryside. Not bad, not bad. And yet I have to say that it is pretty hard to keep the mood up in these days.

As I usually do, I find myself enrolled in countless online courses, affiliate programmes and…something new! Trading!

You’ll be probably thinking: what does a yoga teacher have to do with trading? Isn’t yoga about non-greediness and non-attachment?

Oh you bet it is! And somehow it makes things even easier to be honest.

Investing money isn’t too hard when you don’t really feel attachment towards it. The hard part is to know how to. So after listening to some 20 years old youtubers telling me how to start trading, I decided to go for a safe option that it is not really trading but still is supposingly making my little savings grow a bit. It’s a platform called Bondora, that basically collects money from private people to lend it to some other people. In return, your money grows. It is working!

In the meantime, I will keep on listening to the cute 20 years old youtubers and try to understand how to trade on etoro!

You can subscribe with this link to get a 5 euros voucher! Let me know if you have questions. I will have very basic answers!

And you? How are you spending your time during #lockdown? Anything fun?

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