Going back home during Covid

Landing back home after a year in Portugal during a pandemic

It was not an easy choice to make. I was happily living in a van in the Portuguese countryside next to an amazing Yoga retreats center teaching yoga and working on my digital marketing clients.

It was September 2020, 6 months after Covid came to the world and changed a lot of things in our daily lives.

I was honestly only vaguely considering of going back home for some time.

Covid situation in Italy

I am Italian and the situation in my country hadn’t been easy at all. I partially felt relieved of living in Portugal, and partially guilty for being safe and also with less pressure than what my family and friends experienced.

I had a look at the flights and they were super cheap. The situation seemed to be better than in March and restrictions were finally loosening up. So I instinctively booked (that is the standard way in which I take decisions) and decided to let the flow of the universe decide for me.

Two weeks ahead of my flight, by mid October, the first signs of the pandemic being active again started. Only few days ahead of my flight, some of the regions in Italy were already in lockdown again.

I decided to go home anyway and to live together with my dear ones the stressful situation in Italy and dear God if it is stressfull!

A week after I arrived the yoga centers where I was supposed to work in Italy were shut down by the new restrictions and two weeks afterwards we had curfew between 10 pm and 5 am.

And…here I am! In my hometown, living in an apartment in the “main” street, listening at the noises of my fellow Italian citizens.

I live on the 6th floor, which means that I hear everything that happens below but no one knows I do!

Pros of being in lockdown in a flat

  • I finally have place for my yoga practice between 4 walls (after 2 months of van life)
  • I have wifi and I an work on all my digital projects
  • I have plenty of time to spend with myself and my thoughs

Cons of being in lockdown in a flat

Oh well, you probably know that there are many!

  • No matter what I do, if I get out of the flat, I will have some people around (which means I need to put on clothes that resemble a social way of decent living, which means no pijamas)
  • I constantly hear the noise of people and cars

But overall, I am happy that I am here close to my beloved ones. Even if I can’t really see them or hug them.

And hey, better days will come! 🙂

That’s all for now! More updates to come on lockdown life in Italy!

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