isadora bilas

Hey hi!

I am Isadora, a Full-time Traveller and Yoga Teacher!

I was born and raised in Chianti! I started solo travelling at the age of 13 and I haven't really stopped since then.

I work also as a digital marketing specialist, copyeditor, SEO expert!

Apart from travelling, I love living abroad! I lived in Turkey, where I learnt Turkish and taught Italian, in England, where I studied, in Kenya, where I worked, and then back to Italy, where I studied to be a yoga teacher and an Italian language teacher for foreigners and started my new adventure!

Multipotentialite Powers

You have one clear career? I am so happy for you! Are you a multitasking ever-curious, ever-wondering and wandering kind of type? We belong to the same tribe!


'cause life is beautiful this way!

Do Yoga!

Know yourself!

Speak to The World

Did I mention that I love languages?

Say Hi!

I LOVE connecting! Do you have ideas, projects to share? Drop me a line!